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Spring has sprung y'all!
May 6, 2019

The only green thumb I have is one that is green with envy for those that can garden. So, check this... I found this low maintenance, kind of freaking amazing, inexpensive Tower Garden, because ya know to reap the benefits of the organic rewards without all of the digging, bugs from hell and dirt under the nails BS. 

Week 1

The Tower Garden  is a one-stop shop for everything you need (including the seeds), which I love because girl let’s be real, I wouldn’t have a clue about how to do any of this.  It’s like a condo for produce! The kit included a fabulous verity of lettuce, from which I did the bibb lettuce, gourmet lettuce, kale, and basil. However, that day I was feeling mix-matchy, so I also bought seeds to add. I couldn’t live out this summer without a fresh cuc crunch, so cucumbers made the add-on list along with strawberries, tomatoes, thyme, and sage. There are 21 seed spots for the yummy-ness, I encourage you to go wild and knock yourself out with the veggie condo additions offered by the Tower Garden peeps.

Ok now fast forward to the unboxing in your backyard, apartment balcony, what have you, give the kids a couple of old pots and some paint and put them to work on their own nature project. Courtesy to the lovely Kerry Cahill and my daughter, I now have birds, the bees, everything under the trees, and hummingbird stations to accompany my Tower Garden YAY! It’s a great craft to give the kids busy while you’re setting up the pop-up garden and don’t want them in your hair. Then you have a cutesy garden littered with proud-parent child decorated artwork on display (see pictures.)  

I’m currently waiting in anticipation for this beauty to fill up with edibles from the universe and will be posting weekly-ish updates!

Week 2

Week 3

So, I Crafted My Xmas Tree Skirt and Here's What Went Down

January 7, 2019
This year I was uninspired by the round ones which lead to my decision to make the Xmas tree its own blanket to hold the fort of presents and tackle the dreaded dead needles. 

Here I am a woman on a mission marching into Joann fabrics, fabric aisle and spirits are at an all-time festive high. First, pick a fabric for the tree skirt that will be showing, next pick the underneath layer. I chose to go with the pre-done quilted look so I could get bang for my buck and make that thang reversible. Buy supplies. March back out of Joann's. 

Now we're ready to sew. Line up the fabrics and pin that shit together and don't forget to put the outside fabric "inside out" when you sew, this is important! Leave room to pull at that fabric through, preferably the wall side, so you don't see it. And sew that sucker on up. Fold the fabric in half and then in half again.

Figure out how big you want the center circle for the tree stand and cut out a quarter of a pie (like those friggin circle charts in grade school.) Start snippin' and sippin' (we don't judge)!  ​​
We're getting close guys- bear with me. Open the folded fabric up, and then fold it in half again. Next cut half way up to the circle. Check out the cuts and no need to make it super purty as it'll be hiding in the back. Hiding like that flipping elf on a shelf. 

Finally, it's go time Y'all! Wrap it around the base of your tree and take pictures, a lot of them. And load it with presents, a lot of them.

Now you have a reusable tree skirt for next year or hey get friggin festive and make a whole new one. Merry Christmas, Merry Everything!

Knock with Caution
November 30, 2018
First things first you are going to start with a wreath, any wreath will do- the more gnarly, the better. Then take a can of black spray paint and go to town leaving no spot unsprayed. The painting could take up to several coats flipping the wreath front to back to make sure it is blacked-out for effect. Here comes the fun part! You can buy a whole skeleton, mangle the hell out of it- tearing it apart, totally creep-ify it to your hearts desires. If you are in a time crunch or you don't feel like being super crafty, you can purchase the individual pieces of a skeleton at a craft store to place all around the wreath, i.e., skulls, hands, bones; you get the picture.  
Since you are already out at the craft store go ahead and pick up fun ribbon and sparkly black decorative grass (the shit you throw in the bottom of your kids Easter basket) to glam up the wreath. You can tie the ribbon around the bones, leave some hanging down, whatever you want- make it eye-catching. Oh! And use the left-over ribbon as a hanger. 
While you are in the zone, let your inner "overdo it" overdo it with the accessories and throw that sparkly black grass all over that wreath like it's going out of style. Once everything is placed right where you want it, you are going to want to glue the hell out of it all to prevent wear and tear from the elements. Having little skulls on your wreath is cool, but when the wind blows them all around your yard it gets a bit… morbid lol. 
When you finish your wreath post a picture with the hashtag #GirlsGottaCraft, share that spooky shit with us! 

Who says your door has to be welcoming? I'm saying step-off with this awesome Spooky Skeleton Wreath! 

My kid wants to be a what?! 

October 25, 2018 
Scratch going to the Spirit store to pick out a one-stop-shop costume, my kid wanted to be a "The Daughter of Frankenstein." When the WTF’s start flowing, so do the creative juices. Making a DIY costume does not have to be all-consuming. Joann Fabrics and Michaels are great one-stop-shops to get all the materials you need, and the ones you didn't know you wanted, which can be dangerous but all the more fun! 

We used a simple full-length leotard and built up from there. Most craft stores carry these awesome satin-like crochet waistbands that allow you to tie/pull strips of sparkly (every girl should sparkle) tulle through the holes (as shown) to create a layered skirt effect. 

You remember latch hook rugs, right? Same concept. You loop the long strips of tulle through, and you want to give it dimension, so it doesn't just hang there. To fix this, we tied black sparkle tulle around the bottom of the skirt to give it a shabby composure. Next step is to accessorize! Joann's is perfect for a whole mess of a selection of beads. We created a choker like base around the neck with different funky beads and strung drop beads down from the choker. You have to watch the size of the beads, so it doesn't drop the choker down with weight. 

Lastly, for the headband, we found this super awesome netting that looked like a web of sorts and then went to town with gluing accessories onto the plain black headband: black cellophane flowers, spiders, maribu, neon sticks, etc. We did pin curls overnight for volume and to be able to twist it up all retro.  Using black hair spray to spray the crap out of her brown/blonde hair. To finish the look, we zombie-fied with smoked out eyeshadow, and highlights around the face to give a gothic look, and of course… the iconic Frankenstein stitching around the mouth.

Halloween is an anything-goes kind of holiday. You think it, you create it, you become it!

Happy trick-or-treating! (maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh)