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October 25, 2018 
Scratch going to the Spirit store to pick out a one-stop-shop costume, my kid wanted to be a "The Daughter of Frankenstein." When the WTF’s start flowing, so do the creative juices. Making a DIY costume does not have to be all-consuming. Joann Fabrics and Michaels are great one-stop-shops to get all the materials you need, and the ones you didn't know you wanted, which can be dangerous but all the more fun! 

We used a simple full-length leotard and built up from there. Most craft stores carry these awesome satin-like crochet waistbands that allow you to tie/pull strips of sparkly (every girl should sparkle) tulle through the holes (as shown) to create a layered skirt effect. 

You remember latch hook rugs, right? Same concept. You loop the long strips of tulle through, and you want to give it dimension, so it doesn't just hang there. To fix this, we tied black sparkle tulle around the bottom of the skirt to give it a shabby composure. Next step is to accessorize! Joann's is perfect for a whole mess of a selection of beads. We created a choker like base around the neck with different funky beads and strung drop beads down from the choker. You have to watch the size of the beads, so it doesn't drop the choker down with weight. 

Lastly, for the headband, we found this super awesome netting that looked like a web of sorts and then went to town with gluing accessories onto the plain black headband: black cellophane flowers, spiders, maribu, neon sticks, etc. We did pin curls overnight for volume and to be able to twist it up all retro.  Using black hair spray to spray the crap out of her brown/blonde hair. To finish the look, we zombie-fied with smoked out eyeshadow, and highlights around the face to give a gothic look, and of course… the iconic Frankenstein stitching around the mouth.

Halloween is an anything-goes kind of holiday. You think it, you create it, you become it!

Happy trick-or-treating! (maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh)